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Fujian Xinhonggang Textile Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Yuanhong Investment Zone, a national-level development zone. It covers an area of 65,407.64 square meters and has a total investment of approximately RMB 60 million. It integrates R&D, weaving, printing, dyeing and finishing, and trade. A comprehensive, large-scale, high-tech high-end textile printing and dyeing enterprise in the chemical fiber field. The professionally produced high-end knitted textiles are mainly used in underwear, swimwear, sportswear and shapewear. The products are planned to be sold to Europe, America, the Middle East, Australia, etc. 30 Multiple countries.

65407.64 ㎡

Floor space

60 million yuan

Total investment


Company Environment

The company has always taken "green technology and fashion, enriching a better life" as its corporate mission, and has continuously configured the most advanced green and environmentally friendly intelligent production equipment and auxiliary facilities, including advanced automatic weighing additives system, automatic packaging system, intelligent pollution control system, RO reverse osmosis membrane, MES system, ERP management system, etc.


Plant Equipment

Under the conditions of integrated green and intelligent manufacturing in the whole process, relying on advanced and refined management concepts, sophisticated technology and equipment, scientific and rigorous testing technology, high-quality staff and continuous independent innovation, we plan to realize the annual design capacity of high-end knitted textiles. 47,000 tons, the design capacity of multifunctional dyeing and finishing fabrics is 56,000 tons per year. The sewage treatment plant has a daily sewage treatment capacity of 9,000 tons. After RO reverse osmosis process treatment, it is estimated that 60% of the sewage will be reused.


In addition, carry out cleaner production, develop circular economy, actively join the ZDHC organization, and control from source control, intermediate process management, and end treatment, so as to achieve high quality, high efficiency, and low energy consumption while achieving zero emissions of harmful substances. , To maximize the affinity to the environment, create a green economy, and create an environment-friendly enterprise. The company has always been committed to becoming a century-old enterprise that provides high-quality fabrics for well-known brands in the industry. According to the needs of the international market, the company continuously strengthens the construction of a high-level R&D team, focusing on "multifunctional composite knitted fabrics" and "efficient short processes without water and water. The research and development of clean production technologies such as water textile printing and dyeing technology, while providing customers with high-quality fabric products, open technology to customers, relying on continuous independent innovation, precise research and development, to meet the individual needs of customers in many ways, and to achieve product value co-creation with customers , To grow together with stakeholders in the value chain

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